Writing & Community

Writing & Community is a holistic and unique writing programme that serves the community while at the same time, harnesses its talents and creativity. Writing & Community is one of the many strands of TheatreWorks Engagement work.

Simply put, Writing & Community:

  • Is a process-based writing programme designed for the community
  • Seeks out potential playwrights from within the community through the annual 24-Hour Playwriting Competition
  • Invites theatre professionals to work on the winning scripts from the competition and develop scripts into full productions
  • Provides pre-competition workshops / talks to harness potential creativity from the community
  • Winning Playwrights are nurtured and developed
  • These productions return to the community by the way of the annual Performance Tour with free performances at venues in the community, primarily of the South East District
  • The plays become the catalyst for the community to reflect and discuss important issues related to living in Singapore

Visit TheatreWorks website for more information.

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